I had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen, while browsing over her photos at Cookie.

I then decided to have photo’s done of myself and my son as a gift for my husband.

Kathleen, has a wonderful eye and a gentle manner in the way she works. I am not a fan of photos but, she truly captured the moment between my son and I and managed to make the whole process enjoyable. Since then I have also had my business portfolio done and will continue to get Kathleen to capture all the many memories that we can cherish over time.

Kimberly Lillico

“We tried a lot of other photo studios, but nobody ever made us feel as comfortable, and brought out the true essence of our children, like Kathleen did! And there was no pressure to finish, or pick photos on the spot. She really understands the needs of busy parents, being one herself, and always makes every stop at cookie a rewarding one!”

Jason Rockman and Carmen Dubeau

If you want an amazing picture, but are worried about your kids not cooperating, Cookie is the place! I have 3 kids, 6, 3.5, & 1.5, and have been to other studio’s, where we needed to bribe the kids with treats, mc donalds, and toys. When I tell the kids we are going to Cookie, they say “yeah, with Kathleen?” Kathleen, being a mom, FULLY understands, that kids & babies, will never really cooperate, and the more you have, the more difficult! She is caring, pleasant, gets down on the floor to get you the best shot, whatever needs to be done! Family and friends that come over and see our walls covered with her work, are always impressed, and in awe, many have gone to see her, you will not be disappointed!

Andrea Lima

My life changed the day I found out I was expecting twins. Like many first time mothers, I started to worry. My first question to myself was “how on earth will I do this”? And the truth is that I still ask myself the same question everyday!!

Being very petite, carrying two babies was no easy task physically and that was another worry of mine. I often wondered how my body would look after the pregnancy? Despite the changes on my body, I knew I wanted to remember this experience because it would be my only pregnancy. After some research, I fell upon Cookie’s website. I immediately fell in love with the pictures that were posted on her website. I made a call and booked my photo session.

I wanted a portrait of myself and my belly. I wanted to remember the bond that I had with my babies during the pregnancy.

Kathleen made sure I was comfortable: she had the heater on!! I was so nervous onset because I wasn’t sure how to pose and how to smile. She guided me through the one hour session by talking to me about everything and anything. After a few minutes, I forgot I was in my underwear and smiled for the camera!

Kathleen was able to capture this intimate moment that I had with myself. I was at peace, grateful for my twins and for an hour, I stopped worrying. Today, when I look at this picture of myself, I feel pride and most of all, I see the strength in my eyes. It took a lot of courage to carry those babies as long as I did and it takes a lot more courage to raise them: there are some good days and some bad days. I often look at the portrait whenever I have a bad day. It makes me smile because no matter how crazy the day is, this portrait reminds me of the love at first sight I had for Matteo and Siena. Life would not be the same without them.

Thank you Cookie for capturing that special moment in my life. It is a constant reminder of the love I have for my children. And for my husband, it is a daily reminder of how blessed he is for his wife and his children. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Kim Huynh

My experience at Cookie was relaxing, professional and fun! We came in for a family shoot and had a blast! Kathleen was wonderful! She gave us great direction, made kids laugh and captured our families candid moments. She captured the moment beautifully. That’s what I love the most about my pictures! Staff was attentive and great with kids. Thank you Kathleen for making our day a success and for creating amazing family pictures that will last a lifetime! Great work! See you next year 😉

Julie Lapointe

We visited Cookie on the recommendation of my sister during a short vacation to Canada in February.

From the off, we were very impressed with owner and proprietor Kathleen Girard’s professionalism and her enviable ability to keep four young children under control, no mean feat.

Kathleen’s obvious enthusiasm ensured that we were able to capture several beautiful images of our two children alongside their cousins in addition to an assortment of family portraits.

From our experience, it is clear that Kathleen and her staff set themselves the highest possible standards and consistently exceed them.

With grateful thanks,
Graeme & Kerry Innes and Family, Scotland – UK.

The best thing about Kathleen at Cookie photo is the way that she makes the experience of photographing your kids an adventure, instead of a chore. My two sons and my daughter had a great time with her; she was patient and relaxed through the entire shoot. Kathleen was very fast, and was able to get pictures that showed my kid’s personalities, not the usual stiff photo studio portraits.

Even choosing which photos to print was comfortable. Katheen was able to help me pick a few shots out of the almost 200 that she took without ever pressuring me to take more than I wanted. Her professional eye helped me to change lighting effects and to touch up the little cuts and scratches of my 2 year old.

The overall experience with Kathleen is always a pleasure, and I have gone to her 3 times. I have recommended her to many of my friends and they have all been pleased with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for fantastic pictures of their kids.

Cynthia Weinstein

I would like to take a moment to sing the praises of Studio Photo Cookie. For one, they will make you look capital-G Good! Always wanted to model for the cover of Vogue but didn’t have the time, nerve or professional crew? Me too! I let Studio Photo Cookie take care of the details and I am SO happy I did. It was worth it just to get a big “Wow!” from my husband.

For two, after helping me take care of my Vogue urge, I had the opportunity to test the patience of Studio Photo Cookie’s staff. More accurately, my hyper-energetic two year old daughter tested their patience during a family holiday photo shoot. Anyone who can get her to smile AND sit still long enough to take a great family picture possesses wonderful and mystical powers as far as I’m concerned. Said picture made the family rounds in Christmas cards and the portrait hangs in our library, I’ve come to rely on Studio Photo Cookie for the “important” pictures in our lives – I like not having to ever worry about being happy with the results!

Debra Aubin

“I always appreciate working with someone that is professional, organized and focused on keeping my needs a priority as you did during my recent visit to your studio. Thank you Kathleen for the great photos and making the photo shoot an overall enjoyable experience.”

Michelle Marie LaFleur

Décor Michelle Marie Inc.
Design et Aménagement Intérieur

Our family photo session with Kathleen was wonderful, fun and relaxed. She did an incredible job of capturing amazing personality shots of my 4 year old which is not always an easy task ! A true professional ! Kathleen was very patient and we couldn’t be more happier on how the pictures came out. I would highly recommend Cookie Photo to anyone !

Dara Gilbey

Hello Kathleen,

Thorsten and I really pleased with the wonderful photos you took of us and we thank you for your exceptional work. It really was a fun experience and who knows, if we’re back in Quebec in 5 years we will come for more business portraits and maybe even some family shots too.

Emilie Nollet

Recently we went to see Kathleen at Cookie for our family portraits. I already understood the value of owning good family photos but I had forgotten about the fun in doing a session. My wife, myself and daughters had a terrific time hamming it up for the camera. It really was a great family activity.

Thank you Kathleen

Benoît Marleau

I love Cookie photo! Kathleen always manages to get just the right shot. The kids love her and she captures their true personality with her lense. The session is professional and personable and the photos are original and alive!

Jennifer Pino

“As a returning customer, of Cookie Photo, i have to gloat af all my beautiful photos i have, of my family, around my house.  The professionalism, warmth, and comfort in the environment at Cookie, is shown through each picture.  Kathleen makes each picture, out of the dozens she takes in a session, special and personal to your taste.  I am 150% confident that whoever decides to take pictures at Cookie Photo, will be absolutely satisfied.”

Joanne Colebeck

I had a fantastic experience at Studio Photo Cookie et sa Garde-Robe.  Along with temper tantrums, eating strikes and sleep training, taking a great picture of our toddler ranks up there as one of the challenges of being a parent.  We had tried another photo studio that just didn’t understand what it meant to have a child and their unpredictable schedules.  At Cookie, Kathleen never let us feel any pressure and was so understanding and patient when our Liana didn’t quite cooperate at first.  She was flexible and creative.  Rather than trying to force Liana into a standard Baby-picture mold (that you recognize on every other new parent’s walls!!), she let Liana get comfortable in her environment and and took pictures of our daughter being her natural self.  She was able to capture Liana’s personality in a snapshot.  After the photo session, Kathleen and her assistant gave us great advice on which pictures to go for and what adjustments could be made so the pictures would work well on the wall of the room we were putting them up in.  I strongly recommend that every family plan some studio time with Kathleen at Cookie.  Her professionalism, her eye for fantastic prints and her talent for making her subjects feel comfortable is a combination you will rarely find.  Still not convinced that you should invest in professional family photos???  Do what I do and ask for Cookie gift certificates every Christmas… lol!!!

Jennifer Ann Torres